Known as the Museo del Oro, Casa de la Aduana, Museo Tayrona, or simply the Museo del Oro Tayrona, this is a historical and cultural monument located on the north side of Parque Bolívar de Santa Marta. Inaugurated in 2014, it was created as a government attempt to preserve the heritage and cultural history of the region.

The museum currently offers visitors the opportunity to explore the past and present of Santa Marta. The building dates back to the 1530s and its first use was as a government house. In the museum many delight in the different exhibitions that are permanently on the premises as well as a rich cultural program that transforms this section of Santa Marta into a vibrant part of town.

Along with the majesty of its colonial architectural construction, the museum provides travelers with an opportunity to learn, recognize and strengthen their regional identity. Visitors, whether Colombian or foreign, are inspired to understand the historical events that marked the city. The museum also conserves beautiful ceramics and gold works from the Tayrona, Kogi and Arhuaco ethnic groups, whom are all native to Santa Marta, consolidating it as an addition to the inestimable cultural and educational collection of the Biblioteca del Banco de la República. The entrance is completely free and you can admire the different techniques used by goldsmiths of the aboriginal ancestors of the area.