From Santa Marta to the world

Santa Marta has a huge potential at the agroindustrial level, mainly due to its geographic location. The city borders the Caribbean Sea, the Sierra Nevada, the District of La Guajira and the Municipality of Ciénaga, with an enormous area of 2,394 square kilometers. It is also close to the markets of the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States. These characteristics, in addition to its particularly cool climate, make it an ideal place for the development of the business market, especially the agroindustrial market.

The district of Magdalena, whose capital is Santa Marta, is one of the three areas that holds the largest production of exportable bananas, particularly organic bananas with an incredible 1,567 hectares under cultivation. The area still has vast reserves of land ideal for the production of fruit, potentially usable for the cultivation of mangoes, melons, and grapefruits among others. Likewise, its excellent geographical location in an area with a lot of aquaculture provides countless benefits for the sustainable production of agriculture in the region. In addition to the above, Santa Marta has ideal soil both in quantity and quality for the production of coffee, resulting in very large coffee beans. The regular rainy season assists in the sowing and subsequent harvest.


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