Truly multimodal transport

One of the advantages that Santa Marta has in the industrial sector has to do with logistics and transport, as it is the only location in Colombia that has all of the forms of transport: air, land, river, sea, and railroad. It should be noted that the various land routes it has help to increase trade with the interior of the country. In order to further strengthen this advantage, they have started several projects such as the Ruta del Sol and the modernization of the Simón Bolívar Airport, with which the government hopes to attract investors and improve competitiveness through lower transport costs.

Additionally, the city is the home of the only port in Colombia that provides its services 24/7, organized in 7 docks, offering a way to keep and safely store stock in each of its warehouses and yards. The dock is also the only one which offers a railroad service, which facilities the unloading and loading of merchandise, which supports the handling of merchandise in bulk. The city of Santa Marta also has 3 free zones which offer logistics services for the effective installation of a company in any branch.


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