If what you are looking for is a place to sit back and relax, Minca is the ideal place to visit. Considered by many as a haven of peace, Minca is a village located exactly 14 kilometers to the southwest of Santa Marta. Among the remarkable aspects of the village is the presence of a tropical rainforest ecosystem, where you can see impressive trees towering up to 40 meters in height and the Minca River surrounding the area.

Its temperature, which fluctuates between 17 and 24º C, creates a climate ideal for those who prefer a change of pace from the heat in other areas. All types of animals can be found here, including wildlife and a diversity of birds and insects that give life to the place with their bright colors and cheerful singing. Minca is a territory far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the friendliness of its inhabitants adds to its particular features. Declared a world heritage site, a biosphere reserve and human center in 1980 by UNESCO, in the small village you can find hostels and local inns such as: “Casa Loma” where you can see the best views in the entire village; the “Restaurante Bururake”, a place where you can head down to the river and swim around in its refreshing waters; “Balneario Doña Ana y Mirador”, where besides tasting exquisite food, you can enjoy a pleasant climate and panoramic view of the town.