The cuisine of Santa Marta comes from a unique cultural mix influenced by indigenous people from the area as well as Spaniards and Africans. When joined together, these influences resulted in an exotic combination of tastes which make up the main meals which are eaten in the region, distinguishable because it is mostly fish based.

Among these plates las carimañolas stand out, which are mixtures fried with cassava, a tuber used frequently in the region and arepas de huevo which are balls of corn dough flattened into a disc shape, fried, and filled with raw egg. Another distinctive dish of the region is arroz con coco served in a basket with fried fish and salad. You can’t talk about Samarian cuisine without mentioning the famous foods made with green banana, which the popular “Cayeye” comes from. Seafood-based foods such as Arroz con Chipi Chipi, a small mollusk, are also very popular.

With respect to deserts, typical sweets such as ñame stand out. There are several places where you can find and taste these delicacies, with a vast number of high quality restaurants. Santa Marta is a favorite destination for tourists who get excited by or are interested in trying creative culinary options.