Diving is an activity considered by many to be a unique, magical, and unreplicable experience that allows you to examine the wonders of the marine world up close. Santa Marta, with its calm and transparent waters, has been converted into the ideal setting for divers from different geographic location all across the world who come to the second oldest city in South America to practice the activity, which can be done in the South Zone of the Tayrona National Natural Park.

This area has a variety of marine ecosystems such as coral reefs, caves and other areas that allow divers to have a complete view of the local biodiversity. One of the reasons that makes Santa Marta the final destination of both national and international divers is the transparency of its waters, where visibility can extend between 20 to 40 meters. There are multiple training centers that offer basic and advanced classes through sessions with qualified staff for those visitors who are interested.

Finally, the possibility of getting diving equipment through rental is worth mentioning. Santa Marta is a wonder not only in land-based resources but it is also a marine paradise with a powerful attraction which is the fascinating experience of diving.