Living in Santa Marta

Move to the city of your dreams

The “Jewel of the Caribbean” and “the oldest city in Colombia” are just some of the adjectives commonly used to refer to this city of good living whose official name is the Touristic, Cultural and Historical District of Santa Marta.

Considered by many as one of the most beautiful cities in Colombia, Santa Marta is surrounded by nature in the most literal sense of the word. The city is located on the shore of the Caribbean Sea, which gives it a sense of a tranquility that contrasts with its lively Historic Center. The nightlife is full of joyful music everywhere, with people humming the lyrics to songs and radiating continuous happiness.

For those who seeking a place to relax, Santa Marta is the epicenter of multiple unique activities such as bird watching, taking advantage of their record number of different bird species from around the world. The area also has ideal sites for diving such as Tayrona Park, which has beaches with crystalline waters suitable for the development of diving. On its own, cuisine is another factor that induces people to stay, with a diet based on seafood and native foods such as bananas, yucca, rice and plantains.

With respect to economics, one of the main engines of the city is tourism, which generates a huge amount of direct and indirect jobs. Santa Marta also excels in transportation, being the only Colombian region to offer all existing transport systems. This facilitates commercial exchange and industrial development in the region.