Singular and heterogeneous ecosystems, a magnificent opportunity to practice spotting flora and fauna and an unparalleled natural and archaeological attraction – all this and much more in just one place: Tayrona National Natural Park.

Located approximately 34 km from Santa Marta, it is no exaggeration to define this park as a temple to the perfection of nature that encourages the visitor to practice meditation, relaxation and take time to find their inner self. In the first place, there is the presence of diverse ecosystems including terrestrial ones such as mangrove swamps, thorny scrubland, and dry forests and rainforests. While on the other hand, marine ecosystems featuring coral formations, meadows, lagoons and beaches contain a variety of impressive plant and animal species.

Within the beaches, the reason for visiting for many national and international tourists, we must highlight some of the ones with particularly interesting characteristics such as:

  • Playa Cristal, where you can enjoy the majesty and beauty of the sea
  • Playa Grande, one of the most popular beaches in the area, distinguishable for its intense blue waters
  • Playa Granate, which is notable for its privacy
  • Bahía Concha, with a whitish sand and whose texture is a relaxing one for whoever’s feet walk its sands.

The diverse beaches within the park have a high swell. Such is the case for Playa Neguanje, which has a higher swell than all the other beaches. This zone offers ideal areas for diving, which increases it exuberant and attractive ecotourism. Of course, you can not forget el Cabo de San Juan de Guía in this fascinating tour. It is a camping area that offers sublime landscapes and views of nature. The pristine beaches of Tayrona Park exalt its unique beauty and the unique tourist attraction of Santa Marta.